DMV League of Artists is an artist collective founded by Keiona Clark. DMVL facilitates opportunities, explores possibilities, and builds bridges for creatives. Our mission is to support creatives by giving them a platform to grow their potential, improve branding, and maximize their profitability through inspiration, support, innovative programming, exhibitions, and educational opportunities. DMV League of Artists represents artists across the US giving CREATIVE MINDS a platform throughout the Metropolitan area, as well as introducing DC, Maryland, and Virginia artists to platforms and opportunities in other parts of the country.


We recognize the impact that art has on the community so we aim to engage the public through curation, works shops, and events providing opportunity and access to enjoy original work; while also bringing awareness and culture to public facilities as well as to the community; enhancing the network of Artist and collectors.


We serves artists with the understanding that the organization plays a key and critical role in providing a platform for personal & professional artistic growth within the contemporary, visual, fine arts realm. This is achieved through programs (exhibitions/events/speaking engagements); the promotion of artwork sales outside that of a commercial gallery; the creation of income-generating opportunities for artists and opportunities for community involvement.


our mission


Inspiring the local community, by creating art that has a positive impact.


Our mission is to provide a hub for creatives to grow their potential, by offering networking and collaboration opportunities, events and exhibitions, advocacy, and platform throughout the Metropolitan area, as well as introducing DC, Maryland, and Virginia artists to platforms and opportunities in other parts of the country.  DMVL also brings awareness and culture to public facilities as well as the community through curation and community/public art projects. The League was established by Keiona Clark, an artist herself and was created under the belief that there is strength in numbers.  We value the ideas, talents, and individuality of our artists, but we also value what everyone brings to the table, to ensure the League continues to grow stronger. We believe in team support as well as coming together to accomplish goals; making the DMV League of Artists an organizational FORCE; staying true to our motto “CREATIVE POWERS UNITE.”


our vision


Our vision is to sustain a hub for creators, curators, commissioners and collectors by providing facilities, guidance and opportunities to artists .  Creating, increasing and sustaining a strong foundation for the arts, the culture, and the community.  




The arts are a societal cornerstone that bring people together and build community. They influence the way we work with each other – and the way we foster relationships and engage with our communities.  Our values define who we are. They are the fundamental beliefs of our organization; to respect each other, the communities we serve, and the culture on which we have an impact. It defines how we do business and interact with our colleagues, partners, collectors and networks. Our core values are integrity, responsibility, respect, innovation, creativity and pioneering. As we expand into new markets, recruit new talent, form partnerships and face new challenges, these guide our creators in the decisions and actions as we create, bond with each, and preserve relationships.




We represent a phenomenal portfolio of  artists, ranging from top international names to the most exceptional new talent.  We are continually sourcing new artists to ensure that our organization is one of the top collectives in the region.  We have sought out the finest, most exciting and diverse artists’ in their field.  Our portfolio consists of visual art (fine artists, muralists, and abstract), poetry, culinary, photography, sculptor, and graphic art.



OUR CEO-Keiona Clark



Keiona Clark is the founder and CEO of the DMV League of Artists.  Keiona Clark is also an artist who’s passion is to align with similar minds and network to build a force in the creative community, by fostering relationships and creating a fellowship with an

extraordinary league of creative souls.


OUR CoO -Rhett Butler


Multi-hyphenated entrepreneur and multi-disciplinarian, Rhett Butler has been creating his own narrative for years. The New York City native and Howard University graduate has lived across the nation and worked in the upper echelons of media, sports, entertainment, and business consultation for almost twenty years. With his specialty focus on luxury consumer goods, services, sports entertainment, and experiences has made him one to watch. Currently, Rhett specializes on creating strategies and curating unique original content for clients and his brands in the digital media space.


OUR Executive Manager  - Richard Smith


Baltimore born, VA raised, I consider myself a renaissance man. The more I grow and experience, the more I have a passion for. I attended Norfolk State University, where I came to realize poetry as one of my passions. There has always been a love of the arts within me; be it music, poetry, artistry, etc. It all excited me. This is because it was a great way to escape. I would go on to publish one book, Water Cooler and Pillow Talk. And while I’ve concentrated on poetry, I have a fond appreciation for art, which led me to the DMV League. With each artist I encounter, I am challenged to learn more about how their mind works as well as their The League to me is a tremendous opportunity, not only for myself and the artists, but for the community as large. I see nothing but great things for us as we continue to build and move forward.


OUR Executive assistant  - Tammy Barnes